Does SCUVA emit ultraviolet light?

No, SCUVA devices employ a honeycomb lattice and grill to shield users from direct exposure to the internal UVC light.

Can I use Boost Mode all the time?

Yes! Running the SCUVA G10k in Boost Mode or at the maximum fan speed is safe for the device and the people around it. If you don’t mind the noise, enjoy the extra protection!

How does SCUVA work?

The high energy UV-C light inside a SCUVA device damages the genetic material of airborne pathogens travelling through it, making the virus unable to reproduce. By moving lots of air through the device, we rapidly expose all of the air in the space served to UV-C, disinfecting faster than methods using filters.

What about surfaces?

Guidelines from the CDC and WHO indicate that air disinfection is significantly more important than surface disinfection for viruses like SARS-CoV-2 and influenza. By disinfecting the air faster, SCUVA is able to deactivate many virus particles before they are deposited on surfaces.

How many devices should I have in my space?

SCUVA products are designed to service spaces by the cubic foot volume in their name, such as 10,000 cubic feet for the SCUVA G10k. However, your needs may vary, and we can assist you with determining the right number of units based on many factors. An online calculator is coming soon.

What kind of maintenance is required?

The UV-C light sources will need to be replaced periodically, the prefilter and postfilter need to be cleaned or replaced periodically in the G10k, and the unit should be kept free of dust. Maintenance instructions with a recommended schedule are included with the unit.

Does SCUVA emit sound?

SCUVA utilizes an internal fan to draw in air, producing a steady white noise sound. The level of sound emitted varies by airflow rate, ranging from the barely audible at the lowest setting (40dBA), to the Max Airflow mode on SCUVA G10k (76dBA).

Why don’t SCUVA products have HEPA or other heavy filters?

Filters slow the flow of air, limiting the ability of a disinfection device to expose all air in the room to UV-C light. SCUVA devices maximize airflow to deactivate viruses in the air faster than is possible through bulky filters.

Is it safe to be near a SCUVA product?

Yes! SCUVA products are certified to contain all harmful UV-C rays. You will not be exposed to any UV light.